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The "mine" above refers to "mining industry" in the National Economical Industry Classification.
Key words: mine; machine vision; big data; 3d modeling; visualization



Mining companies have a wide working area and working conditions are always complex. Modern companies often use engineering machinery for mining operations, mine safety and vehicle management is key work for management. In addition, in order to follow the situation of mining in real time, management often employ specially-assigned person to take pictures and calculate the operation situation in the mining area. However, due to the complexity of mining environment, the specially-assigned person safety is difficult to be guaranteed.




Today, we can use machine vision, big data and artificial intelligence technology to realize the comprehensive security management and scheduling in mining industry. What we can offer Include but not limited to:
> intelligent visual security system
> 3d visual modeling system
> visual management platform, etc.


Intelligent visual security system

Several security cameras are used to build security network points in mining areas, and an intelligent visual security system is constructed based on visual algorithm, big data and artificial intelligence technology.
The system can recognize the human face and vehicle license plate in the mining area in the real-time. It could identify strangers in the first time and send alerts to the management in time.



3d visual modeling system

The aerial photography system are compose of the UAV and camera, and the 3d visual modeling system are built based on the aerial photography systemthe and visual algorithm software. The sysytem could provide high-precision 3d image of mining area.


Visual management platform

Big data and artificial intelligence technology are used to integrate the information data of security system and 3d visual modeling system, which would help build a comprehensive visual management platform of mining area. It can assist the management to know the overall situation of the mining area in real time. The system could be used on computers, tablets, mobile phones and other electronic devices.




|Other application fields


The technology involved in “mine” can also be used in the filed which have the demand of intelligent visual security system, 3d visual modeling system, visual management platform.




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