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The "railway" above refers to "manufacturing of railway, ship, aerospace and other transport equipment" in the National Economical Industry Classification.

Key words: railway; machine vision; quality inspection



Railway, ship, aerospace and other transport equipment manufacturing industry because of the particularity of the product use, make it meet the more stringent on the quality of products. Modern companies often use streamline operation, which speeds up the efficiency of operation. However, in terms of product quality control, manual operation is still adopted which makes it difficult to guarantee accuracy and efficiency.




Today, we could use machine vision and deep learning technology to ensure the quality of railway products. The quality inspection of raw materials, assemblies and packaging is similar to surface inspection in the steel industry. The machine vision system is composed of industrial camera, light source, lens and core algorithm software, It work with electromechanical part and finally form the quality inspection system. At the same time, the quality inspection system can also cooperate with robot parts to realize relevant actions. The quality inspection system can detect the problems existing in the raw materials, assembly parts and outer packing in real time, such as dirt, scratch, damage, bright spot, edge breakage, abnormal shape and so on. The data is easy to save.



|Other application fields

The technology involved in “railway” can also be used in the filed which have the demand of quality inspection and so on.




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