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The "medical" above refers to "pharmaceutical manufacturing industry" in the National Economical Industry Classification.
Key words: medical; packaging inspection; palletizer



The packaging of medical products is especially strict. Due to the large output of this industry, human inspection is gradually unable to meet the inspection needs. In addition, in the production environment of pharmaceutical enterprises, there are often a large number of raw materials and products which need to be moved and palletized.





Today, it is possible to use machine vision technology to meet the needs of pharmaceutical companies,
what we can offer include but not limited to:
> packaging inspection
> cargo handling
> palletizer, etc.


Packaging inspection

The system consists of industrial camera, light source, lens and core algorithm software. The product packaging can be inspected carefully. The problems on packaging could be alert in real time.




Cargo handling

Using machine vision and artificial intelligence technology, with AGV and robot scheduling software, we can constitute a transport system. It can realize the cargo handling work in the factory, reduce the work of human.





The system is composed of machine vision device and industrial robot. The machine vision device identify the products and workpieces which need to be processed, and then transmits the identified information to the control system which finally guide the industrial robot to grab the products and complete the work.




|Other application fields

The technology involved in “medical” can also be used in the filed which have the demand of packaging inspection, cargo handling, palletizer and so on.





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