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The "electron" above refers to "electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing, computer communication and other electronic equipment manufacturing, instrument manufacturing" in the National Economical Industry Classification.
Key words: electronic; PCB detection; display detection; photovoltaic cell detection; positioning and welding



With the increasing demand for electronic products, the consumer market become more sensitive to the quality of products. However, it is not easy to check the quality of electronic products. In PCB, display, photovoltaic cells and other products, even minor defects may lead to the performance of products can not reach the set standards. For these small defects, it is extremely difficult to use human eye recognition. Besides, the human detection are difficult to cover all products.





It is now possible to use machine vision technology to meet the needs of companies in the electronics industry,
what we can offer include but not limited to:
> PCB detection
> display detection
> photovoltaic cell detection
> positioning and welding, etc.


PCB detection

According to the demands of detection different color circuit board, we build the detection system. The system is consist of industrial camera, light source, lens and core algorithm software. The system can meet the needs of high-speed code reading and products detection.




Display detection

According to the reading code and detection requirements of the display panel, we build the detection system. The system is consist of industrial camera, light source, lens and core algorithm software. Defects, such as leakage, scratches, dirt, could be accurately identified.




Photovoltaic cell detection

The detection system could realize the real-time detection of the quality defects of the battery, such as scratches, welding line spacing and so on.





Positioning and welding

Machine vision and manipulator are used to construct the intelligent positioning and welding system. The camera get picture of products, through the software calculation, finally locates the welding spot position coordinates, and sends it to the manipulator. The manipulator carries the welding system to complete the welding work.




|Other application fields

The technology involved in “electron” can also be used in the filed which have the demand of dection, welding and so on. 




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