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The "logistics" above refers to "loading, unloading, handling, warehousing, postal service, etc." in the National Economical Industry Classification.
Key words: logistics; intelligent warehousing; intelligent picking and sorting; intelligent scheduling



With the booming development of logistics market, logistics companies are constantly expanding their scale. In large urban areas, there are many large logistics warehouses. These large warehouses handle millions of packages a day at peak times. Manual operation has been difficult to meet the needs of logistics companies.





It is now possible to use machine vision, AGV and other technologies to meet logistics needs,
what we can offer include but not limited to:
> intelligent warehousing
> intelligent picking and sorting
> intelligent scheduling, etc.


Intelligent warehousing

Intelligent warehousing covers three core modules: intelligent mobile robot, robot control system and intelligent warehouse management system. Workers only need to carry out necessary operations at the workstations to meet various warehousing business requirements, including warehousing of procurement, warehousing of production, material collection of production and delivery of finished products. The intelligent warehousing could improve the efficiency and management level in many situation,such as logistics, e-commerce sorting center, 3C manufacturing industry, traditional manufacturing industry and so on.




Intelligent picking and sorting

Mobile robot help realize the intelligent picking and sorting solution for express delivery. Hundreds of mobile robots are deployed which could quickly and accurately carry and sort small packages with accuracy up to 99.99% .




Intelligent scheduling

Intelligent scheduling covers two core modules: mobile robot and robot control system, which can efficiently complete the rapid material transportation between the loading and unloading points on the production line. It realize the demand of cross-floor and cross-plant transportation, significantly improve the production efficiency of the production line and reduce the labor cost.




|Other application fields

The technology involved in “logistics” can also be used in the filed which have the demand of intelligent warehousing, intelligent picking and sorting, intelligent scheduling and so on.




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